Prominent UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic

Prominent UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic

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Chemical-free and reliable disinfection of water containing salt, such as sea water or thermal water.

Flow up to 505 m3/h

Disinfection of saline sea water or thermal water with corrosion resistant reactor the UV system Dulcodes LP-PE. The UV system consists of a reactor and a UV sensor made of highly UV-resistant plastic.

The UV system Dulcodes LP-PE plastic is absolutely corrosion-free. This is ensured by the UV-stabilised, highly compressed HD-PE reactor and a special sensor made of plastic. The reactor is temperature-resistant through a special welding process and optimised to a pressure rating of up to 4 bar. Our patented Vario-Flux high-output lamps with dynamic lamp heating are used in our LP-PE systems. We achieve an extremely high UVC efficiency, thanks to the unique combination of electronic ballast technology and the Vario Flux lamps.

Your benefits

  • Reactor made of UV-stabilised high-density HD-PE, absolutely corrosion-free and temperature stable.
  • Long-term salt water-resistant UVC sensor for monitoring the disinfection capacity, contamination of the lamp protection tubes, lamp ageing and water transmission.
  • Highly efficient Vario Flux 350 W lamps provide for maximum disinfection and flow rate with a minimum number of lamps.
  • Electronic ballasts for the gentle ignition, operation and individual monitoring of the lamps.
  • The replacement of lamps is reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • Low maintenance costs and low follow-on costs, as there are fewer, high-performance lamps featuring amalgam technology with an excellent service life of up to 14,000 hours.

Field of application

  • Process water
  • Swimming pool water
  • Salt water

Technical Details

  • Reactor made of UV-stabilised high-density HD-PE
  • High-performance and highly efficient low-pressure amalgam lamps Vario Flux with dynamic lamp heating
  • Guaranteed (pro rata) lamp life: 14,000 hours of operation
  • Long-term stable UVC sensor made of PTFE for continuous monitoring of the system, factory-calibrated in accordance with the DVGW standard.
  • Control cabinet made of coated steel
  • Single lamp system: equipped with either a Compact controller or Comfort controller UVCb
  • Various options for simple integration of the system in higher-level control systems thanks to many analogue and digital interfaces and connectors
  • Data logger: all relevant operating data and ell events are saved on the SD card and can simply and conveniently be visualised with an analysis programme.
  • DULCOnnect module enables simple remote monitoring and remote control of the system by means of web-based access via LAN/WLAN interface. The current system status can be displayed at any time on a terminal unit.

Technical Data

* 98%/cm transmission; 400 J/m2 radiation intensity

** permissible operating pressure 3 bar

Lamp type Low-pressure lamp Vario Flux
Controller type Comfort controller, optionally compact controller
Permissible operating pressure 4 bar
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C
Permissible water temperature 5 – 30 °C
Enclosure rating IP 66