Prominent Transmitter DULCOMETER® DMTa

Prominent Transmitter DULCOMETER® DMTa

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The compact 2-wire transmitter – the link to the PLC and DULCOMETER®.

The transmitter DULCOMETER® DMTa converts the sensor signals for pH, ORP value, chlorine concentration and conductivity into an interference-insensitive 4-20 mA analogue signal. Flexible, safe and always the optimum resolution of measured value.

The 2-wire transmitter DMTa converts the following sensor signals into an interference-insensitive 4-20 mA analogue signal: pH, ORP, temperature, chlorine and conductivity.

It is fed via the 2-wire analogue input of a PLC or via a 2-wire analogue input of a ProMinent controller. The 4-20 mA analogue current proportional to the measured value is transmitted via the same two lines.

The DMTa offers an on-site calibration option of the sensor and galvanic separation between the sensor input and measured value output.

Your benefits

  • Flexibility in the choice of measured variable with pH, ORP and temperature
  • Excellent operational safety, thanks to sensor monitoring (pH)
  • Galvanic isolation between the sensor and supply
  • Always the optimum measured value resolution by auto-ranging with conductivity measurement
  • Safety through sensor monitoring of pH for glass breakage and line breakage
  • Various installation options: wall-mounted, installation on an upright or in a control cabinet

Field of application

Measuring technology in water treatment in the following sectors:

  • Processes and process technology
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste water treatment
  • Power station technology

Technical Details

  • Measured variables: pH, ORP, chlorine, temperature and conductivity
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of the upper range value
  • Correction variable: Temperature via Pt 100/Pt 1000 (pH, chlorine, conductivity)
  • Communication interface: PROFIBUS®-DP (wall-mounted only)
  • Protection class: IP 65 (wall-mounted, pipe installation), IP 54 (installation in a control cabinet)
  • Display: Graphic display

Technical Data

Measuring range

pH - 1.00 … 15.00

- 1200 … +1200 mV ORP voltage

0.01 … 50.0 mg/l chlorine

-20 … +150 °C

1 µS/cm … 200 mS/cm (autoranging), corresponding to cell constant

Cell constant 0.006 … 12.0/cm for conductivity

0.01 pH

1 mV

0.1% from measurement range for chlorine

0.1 °C

Conductivity 1/1000 of display value (min. 0.001 µS/cm)

Accuracy 0.5% from measurement range
Measurement input

mV terminal (pH, ORP); imput resistance > 5 x 1011 Ω

Chlorine terminal (DMT chlorine sensors)

Pt 100/1000 terminal

Conductivity terminal (2 or 4 wire connector)

Correction variable Temperature via Pt 100/1000 (pH, chlorine, conductivity)
Correction range Chlorine: 5 … 45 °C, pH: 0 … 100 °C, conductivity: 0 … 100 °C
Current output 4…20 mA
Fault current 23 mA
Feed voltage

2-wire transmitter, 16 … 35 V DC, nominal 24 V

PROFIBUS®-DP version, 16 … 30 V DC, nominal 24 V

Communication interface PROFIBUS®-DP (wall-mounted version only)
Permissible ambient temperature 0…55 °C
Climate Relative humidity up to 95% (non-condensing)
Enclosure rating

IP 65 (wall/pipe mounted)

IP 54 (control panel installation)

Display graphical display
Housing material PPE
Dimensions H x W x D 135 x 125 x 75 mm
Weight 0.45 kg