Prominent Ozone System OZONFILT® OZVb

Prominent Ozone System OZONFILT® OZVb

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Ozone capacity 10 – 70 g ozone/h

OZONFILT® OZVb is powerful and compact and is ideal for efficient ozone generation from compressed air in the output range of up to 70 g/h. The turnkey ozone system including mixing equipment offers everything you need for safe and seamless operation.

Powerful and environmentally-friendly disinfection and oxidation

Ozone systems OZONFILT® OZVb are pressurised systems in which compressed air is fed into the ozone generator.

Ozone is generated from the oxygen content of the surrounding air, via a compressor and is inducted into the process based on demand. Ozone can now be generated in values of up to 20 g/Nm3, safely and reliably in the many demanding environments and plant room locations globally. Ozoneconcentrations within the water to be treated with values of between 3 and 12 ppm can be achieved using our coordinated mixing equipment with an efficiency of up to 95%.

Your benefits

  • Safe and seamless operation through continuous monitoring of all relevant operating data
  • Simple, safe and reliable operation with process visualisation, thanks to large, colour and clear 4.3" touch panel
  • Compact system with integral air treatment
  • Turnkey complete system with perfectly coordinated mixing device including back pressure valve, vacuum breaker and static mixer
  • Direct injection without injector system for up to 4 bar back pressure
  • Low maintenance and operating costs, thanks to maintenance-free generator concept and virtually infinite service life

Field of application

  • Potable water supply: Oxidation of iron, manganese and arsenic, refinement and taste enhancement and disinfection
  • Waste water treatment: Degradation / reduction of COD and micro-contaminants, reduction of sewage sludge
  • Food and beverage industry: Oxidation of iron and manganese, disinfection of table water and rinser water
  • Swimming pools: Degradation of disinfection by-products, reliable microbiological barrier and production of crystal-clear water, thanks to its micro-flocculating effect
  • Industry: Legionella prevention and disinfection of cooling water

Technical Details

  • 4 different sizes depending on the capacity range
  • Compact mounting in a painted steel cabinet
  • Special dielectric with outstanding cooling performance: in spite of the low cooling water consumption, heat is quickly and efficiently discharged before the ozone produced can decompose due to excessive heat
  • Integrated air treatment based on a pressure swing dryer with adjustable throttle valve and analogue flow measurement and pressure monitoring
  • Continuous analogue pressure measurement in the ozone generator with automatic capacity adjustment to compensate for pressure fluctuations
  • Cooling water system with automatic shut-off valve, adjustment valve and monitoring device via flow and temperature sensor
  • Gas-tight diaphragm valve at the ozone outlet
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control with operating data recorded on an SD card
  • Simple, safe and reliable operation with process visualisation, thanks to large, colour and clear 4.3" touch panel
  • Contact inputs for external On/Off switching, gas detector connector, external fault alert, flow control
  • Analogue input 4-20 mA for power control depending on the measured value combined with external measuring and control technology
  • Contact outputs for collective malfunction alert, warning and operation
  • Wide range of communication interfaces for connection to higher-level controls or for remote monitoring (LAN web server, PROFIBUS® DP, PROFINET®, Modbus TCP or RTU)
  • Evaluation and analysis program for the simple and fast visualisation of operating data on a PC


  • Stainless steel control cabinet
  • Pressure controller with filter unit at the compressed air input
  • Different designs of ready-wired installed mixing unit up to complete equipment including back pressure valve, vacuum breaker and integral static mixer
  • Air conditioning: The system can be equipped with integral air conditioning with ambient temperatures above 40 °C
  • Control of a cooling water heat exchanger
  • Integration of a dew point sensor to monitor the quality of compressed air

Ambient parameters

Max. 85% air humidity of the ambient air, non-condensing, non-corrosive, dust-free, max. ambient temperature: 40 °C (with integrated air conditioning system: 50 °C)

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Number of generator modules 1 1 1 2
Nominal ozone capacity, measured according to DIN standards for air: 20 °C, Cooling water: 15 °C, 0.8-2 bar g/h 10 20 35 70
Ozone output max. 2.5 bar g/h 8.0 16.0 28.0 56.0
Ozone output max. 3.0 bar g/h 6.2 12.4 21.7 43.4
Ozone output max. 3.5 bar g/h 4.4 8.8 15.4 30.8
Air consumption (only ozone generation) Nm3/h 0.50 1.00 1.75 3.50
Ozone concentration in the gas phase based on standard conditions and nominal power g/Nm3 * 20 20 20 20
* Nm3 = m3 under normal [standard] conditions (p = 1.013x105 Pa, T = 273 K)

Electrical Connection

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Connected load V/Hz/A 230/50;60/2 230/50;60/6 230/50;60/6 230/50;60/10
Enclosure rating IP 54 IP 54 IP 54 IP 54
Degree of protection with integrated air conditioning unit (internal/external) IP 54 / IP 34 IP 54 / IP 34 IP 54 / IP 34 IP 54 / IP 34

Overall Dimensions (Without Mixer)

Wall-mounted cabinet with OZVb 1, 2 and 3; floor-mounted cabinet with OZVb 4

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Width mm 760 760 800 800
Height mm 760 760 1,000 1,200
Depth mm 300 300 300 300


OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Weight kg 80 80 95 140

Ozone Mixing

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Max. raw water temperature °C 35 35 35 35
Permissible pressure at ozone outlet bar 0.8–4.0 0.8–4.0 0.8–4.0 0.8–4.0

Air Supply

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Air demand Nl/min 11.1 22 38 76
Air quality Oil and dust-free, non-corrosive, constant priming pressure of 4.5 – 10 bar, max. temperature 40 ° C

Cooling Water

OZVb 1 OZVb 2 OZVb 3 OZVb 4
Cooling water consumption (15 °C) l/h 10 20 35 70
Cooling water inlet pressure bar 1–5 1–5 1–5 1–5
Cooling water inlet G 1/4" female G 1/4" female G 1/4" female G 1/4" female
Cooling water outlet, open discharge G 1/4" female G 1/4" female G 1/4" female G 1/4" female
Cooling water temperature at ambient temp. max. 35 °C °C <30 <30 <30 <30
Cooling water temperature at ambient temp. 35–40 °C °C <25 <25 <25 <25
Cooling water quality No tendency to form lime scale, no corrosive components; substances with a tendency to sediment: < 0.1 ml/l; iron: < 0.2 mg/l; manganese: < 0.05 mg/l;conductivity: > 100 µS/cm; chloride: < 250 mg/l