Prominent DULCOTEST® Sensors for Chlorite

Prominent DULCOTEST® Sensors for Chlorite

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Graduated measuring ranges 0.02 – 2 mg/l

Chlorite measurements with DULCOTEST® sensors in disinfection processes involving chlorine dioxide – high process reliability guaranteed.

Reliable online measurement of chlorite – with DULCOTEST® sensors.

As a by-product of the treatment of water with chlorine dioxide and in potable water generation, chlorite is subject to monitoring requirements in many countries.

Our product line of DULCOTEST® chlorite sensors provides two types of sensor for different measuring ranges. In the treatment of potable water previously treated with chlorine dioxide, the chlorite level must be monitored before the water enters the distribution network to ensure it does not exceed the limit of 0.2 ppm. The sensitivity and precision of sensor type CLT-mA-0.5ppm have been optimised for this measuring task. The suitability of the sensor type for safety-relevant monitoring was confirmed in an independent study by the DVGW, with the measuring method being expressly recommended for this application.

Sensor type CLT-mA-2ppm with a measuring range up to 2 ppm is also available for the monitoring of metering processes involving higher chlorine dioxide concentrations

Your benefits

  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control
  • Amperometric measuring means no clouding or discolouration
  • No cross sensitivity in the presence of chlorine dioxide, chlorine or chlorate
  • High sensitivity for trace measurement in waterworks up to 0.5 ppm (type CLT 1-mA-0.5 ppm)
  • Greater measuring range up to 2 ppm for other applications in combination with chlorine dioxide treatment and particularly for quality inspection of chlorine dioxide generators (type CLT 1-mA-2 ppm)
  • Stable zero point means no drift

Field of application

  • Potable water treatment: all stages in which chlorine dioxide is used for oxidation or disinfection.
  • Use of chlorine dioxide
  • Disinfection with chlorine dioxide in the food and beverage industry

Technical Details

  • Evaluation limit of type CLT-mA-0.5ppm < 0.02 mg/l
  • pH range: 6.5 … 9.5
  • Temperature: 1º … 40º C
  • Pressure max. 1.0 bar
  • Signal outputs: CLT1-mA: 4-20 mA signal, temperature-compensated, uncalibrated, not electrically isolated; CLT1-CAN: digital, temperature-compensated, uncalibrated, electrically isolated.