Prominent DULCOTEST® Fluoride Sensors

Prominent DULCOTEST® Fluoride Sensors

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Graduated measuring ranges 0.05 – 100 mg/l

Accurate measurement of fluoride with DULCOTEST® sensors in the monitoring of potable water and waste water, suitable for pH values up to 9.5.

Reliable online measurement of fluoride – with DULCOTEST® sensors

In some countries fluoride is monitored when potable water is fluoridised, but also generally during the treatment of industrial waste water.

Our product line of DULCOTEST® fluoride sensors provides two types of sensor, optimised for these applications.

The sensor consists of a fluoride transducer, the connectable transducer of a reference electrode and a separate temperature measuring unit. The sensor is based on the potentiometric measuring principle with the help of an ion-selective electrode (ISE) and a reference electrode.

The measuring point is available fully mounted on our measuring and control system DULCOTROL® with the sensor fitting and controller DULCOMETER®diaLog DACa.

Your benefits

  • Precise, real-time potentiometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Can be used up to a pH of 9.5
  • Selective LaF3 crystal eliminates faults caused by cross sensitivities
  • Rapid external temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by influence of temperature
  • Potentiometric principle prevents faults caused by flow changes
  • Potentiometric measuring principle enables quick commissioning

Field of application

  • Monitoring of fluoride in potable water. In some countries it is standard practice to add fluoride to drinking water to prevent tooth decay.
  • Monitoring discharger limit values in industrial waste water, e.g. in the semiconductor industry

Technical Details

  • pH value: 5.5…9.5
  • Temperature: 1…35 °C
  • Pressure: max. 6 bar, 3 bar (30 °C)

Fluoride Sensor FLEP 010-SE / FLEP 0100-SE

Highly selective, online fluoride sensor, optimised for the fluoridation of potable water and monitoring of waste water with a pH of up to 9.5

Your benefits

  • Highly selective measurement of fluoride by LaF3 single crystal silicon
  • Unique pH range of up to pH 9.5 by optimisation of the electrolyte
  • Two measuring ranges available: 0.05 -10 ppm for potable water; 0.5 -100 ppm for waste water
Measured variable Fluoride ion concentration
Reference method Photometrically (Photometer DT2C)
Measuring range

With measuring transducer FPV1: 0.05...10 mg/l

With measuring transducer FP100V1: 0.5...100 mg/l

pH range 5.5 … 9.5
Temperature 1 … 35 °C
Max. pressure 7.0 bar, (no pressure surges)
Min. conductivity 100 µS/cm
Shaft diameter 12.0 mm
Fitting length 120 mm
Thread PG 13.5
Electrical connection SN6 plug-in head
Enclosure rating IP 65
Installation Bypass: open outlet or return of the sample water into the process line, inline: direct installation into the pipework; fixed or replaceable (replaceable fitting), tank, channel: Immersion in the immersion tube
Intake flow 10…200 l/h
Flow 20 l/h (recommended)
Response time T95 max. 30 s (for conc. > 0.5 ppm)
Shelf life 6 months
In-line probe fitting Bypass fitting DLG IV
Measuring and control equipment D1C, DAC, DULCOMARIN®
Typical applications Monitoring the fluoridation of potable water in waterworksWaste water
Resistance to Disinfectant, solids content (turbid types of water)
Measuring principle, technology Direct potentiometric measurement, 2 electrodes, gel electrolyte, ceramic diaphragm, separate temperature measurement for temperature compensation needed