Prominent Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon® CDVc

Prominent Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon® CDVc

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Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon® CDVc

1 – 2,000 g/h chlorine dioxide. Max. flow at 0.2 ppm ClO2 metering is 10,000 m3/h

Chlorine dioxide system for monitoring and metering chlorine dioxide and diluted chemicals. Maximum output and safety due to special reactor concept. Bello Zon® CDVc can be easily and safely integrated into any water treatment process.

Bello Zon® CDVc is the convenient system for the treatment of average to large volumes of water.

Continuous water treatment using the chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon®CDVc can be simply and safely integrated into any process. The special reactor concept generates chlorine dioxide safely and simply with maximum output.

Food-compatible PVDF is used instead of PVC generally used in the industry. This results in improved operating safety and reliability and improved purity of the chlorine dioxide generated. The central system controller manages the precise production of the chlorine dioxide. All parameters relevant for water treatment are recorded and logged.

The stroke lengths of ProMinent® metering pumps are monitored online. This rules out hazardous operating statuses arising from incorrect pump stroke length adjustments.

The precise production of chlorine dioxide is managed by the central system control. Chlorine dioxide, chlorite, pH or ORP potential sensors DULCOTEST® are directly connected to the two mA inputs. The chlorine dioxide is monitored in the treated water and documented. The chlorine dioxide concentrations in the water can be adjusted automatically depending on the measurement by the integrated PID controller.

The integrated data logger documents all status messages and measured values, which the screen writer then visualises on the clear colour display.

The systems meet all the requirements of the DVGW specifications W 224 and W 624 with regard to construction and operation and are designed for operation with diluted chemicals Bello Zon® chlorite (7.5% NaClO2) and acid (9% HCl).

Your benefits

  • Efficient operation, thanks to production, metering and monitoring of ClO2 with just one system
  • Maximum operating safety and purity of the CIO2 produced through the use of PVDF reactors and stroke length-monitored pumps
  • No need for external control due to integrated measuring and control technology
  • Perfect quality management, thanks to integrated storage of all operating parameters and measured values
  • Automatic monitoring of operating parameters and maintenance intervals
  • Simple and safe operation, thanks to clear navigation in plain text

Field of application

  • Municipal potable water and waste water treatment
  • Industrial process and cooling water
  • Disinfection in the food and beverage industry, above all with inlet water treatment.
  • Market gardening: Germ-free irrigation water and sprinkler irrigation water

Technical Details

Power supply

  • 100-230 V, 50/60 Hz


  • 2 freely configurable analogue inputs (0/4-20 mA)
  • 7 digital inputs for monitoring
  • 1 digital input for contact water meter 0.25-20 Hz
  • 1 frequency input for water meter 10-10,000 Hz


  • 1 operating signal relay
  • 1 alarm signal relay 1 warning signal relay
  • Mains output for controlling the bypass pump
  • 1 freely configurable analogue output (0/4-20 mA)
  • 1 voltage output +5 V as supply voltage for water meter with Hall sensor

Operating substances

  • Sodium chlorite 7.5%, purity according to EN 938
  • Hydrochloric acid 9% purity according to EN 939
  • Particle-free water

Degree of protection

  • IP 65
Type Chlorine dioxide dosing capacity* Max. operating pressure** Operating temp. Dimensions*** H x W x D (mm) Weight*** Power consumption (max.) ****
  min.-max./hour min./day         230 V 115 V
g/h g/d bar °C mm kg A A
CDVc 20 1–20 6.4 8 10–40 1,344 x 1,002 x 200 26 2.7 0.9
CDVc 45 2–45 16.0 8 10–40 1,344 x 1,002 x 200 27 2.7 0.9
CDVc 120 6–120 40.0 8 10–40 1,344 x 1,002 x 200 28 2.7 0.9
CDVc 240 12–240 80.0 8 10–40 1,342 x 1,000 x 248 45 2.7 1.2
CDVc 600 30–600 140.0 8 15–40 1,711 x 1,200 x 273 75 2.8 1.4
CDVc 2000 100–2,000 468.0 5 15–40 1,900 x 1,400 x 370 120 4.1 3.2
* The metering figures relate to 5 bar back pressure and an ambient temperature of 20 °C. The minimum capacity/per hour is based on the fact that when the system is operating at below 5% of the nominal power, continuous metering is no longer possible because of the correspondingly low pumping frequency of the metering pumps. When systems are not operating continuously, the reactor contents should be changed at least twice daily. The system should not, therefore, be operated below the stated minimum capacity/day.
** At 35 °C ambient temperature
*** Without bypass pump, flushing valve and water supply line
**** 230 V values with bypass pump, 115 V values without bypass pump


Type Chlorine dioxide dosing capacity* Hose connection dimensions of metering pumps Dimensions of the bypass connector
  min.-max./hour min./day    
g/h g/d DN
CDVc 20 1–20 6.4 6x4 25
CDVc 45 2–45 16.0 6x4 25
CDVc 120 6–120 40.0 6x4 25
CDVc 240 12–240 80.0 8x5 25
CDVc 600 30–600 140.0 8x5 25
CDVc 2000 100–2,000 468.0 DN 10 40