KENT Autosoft Water Softener
KENT Autosoft Water Softener
KENT Autosoft Water Softener
KENT Autosoft Water Softener
KENT Autosoft Water Softener

KENT Autosoft Water Softener

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KENT Autosoft Water Softener is a whole house water softener that converts hard water into soft.

The fully automatic microprocessor controlled water softener comes with a time based regeneration process for the convenience of the users. Comes with 40 L and 25 L resin volume, the softener doesn’t use any chemicals during the softening process, thus, making the softened water safe for use.


1. Automatic Regeneration Technology

KENT Autosoft Water Softener uses a fully automatic regeneration process and microprocessor-controlled method to make hard water soft. 

2. Time Based Regeneration

The microprocessor helps in pre-setting a specific time and day to start the regeneration process so that you get continuous supply of soft water.

3. Installation & Regeneration

To reduce hardness of water, all you will have to do is install it alongside your overhead tank, on the roof-top and execute the process just by adding 4 Kg (25L Model) or 6.4 Kg (40L Model) of table salt in brine chamber and filling it with water. 

4. Keeps Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Magnesium and calcium ions in the water create a host of problems like brittle hair and harsh skin which eventually leads to hair fall and skin problems. This softener with soft water helps you to glow with healthy skin and gorgeous hair that shines. Further, it also reduces the consumption of soap and shampoo, and reduces deposits on bathroom fittings and marble floors.

4. Increases Washing Efficiency - Reduces Water and Detergent Consumption

Embrace the benefits of soft water that helps you enhance the whiteness and lustre of your clothes. Also, this softener reduces the consumption of detergent and water for washing your clothes.

5. LCD Panel for Control

An intuitive LCD panel provides useful information, timely assistance and allows the user to change the softener's settings as required.

6. Chemical-free Water Softening

The water softener doesn’t use any chemicals during the softening process. Hence, the softened water is completely safe for use.


  • Flow Rate: Max: 4000 L/hr
  • Total Power Consumption: 3.5 W
  • Resin Volume:
      > Water Softener 40: 40 L 
      > Water Softener 25: 25 L
  • Dimensions(mm):
      > Water Softener 40: 330 (L) x 570 (W) x 1336 (H)
      > Water Softener 25: 
    330 (L) x 570 (W) x 1120 (H)
  • Input Power Supply Single Phase: 110-240 V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Runtime:
      > Water Softener 40: 11000 litres of water usage before backwash
      > Water Softener 25L:
    5,500 liters of water usage before backwash
    Note: calculated based on 500 ppm TDS level and 200 ppm Water Hardness 

The Einfach Guarantee & Warranty

  • Free Installation within Cebu Province
  • 5 bags of salt tablets (10kg bag) included
  • 90 Days Maintenance Program with hardness check
  • Free delivery of salt
  • 1 year on parts and workmanship