Emaux Aurora Light
Emaux Aurora Light
Emaux Aurora Light
Emaux Aurora Light
Emaux Aurora Light

Emaux Aurora Light

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Unique 360 Degree LED Ring and High Power Bulbs 
Highly efficient illumination is produced by the combination of high power bulbs and a 360 degree LED ring.

Light Guide Plate (LGP) Technology
With the light guide plate, Aurora light is featuring an ultra-thin, low power consumption, evenly brightness, comfort visual and attractive appearance.

Waterproof Standard IP68 
Material Durable ABS Structure PC Transparent Lid
Cable 2.5m
Installation Wall Mounted (Flat Type)


  • 100% WATER PROOFING With our latest resin filled LED panel technology, it performs an outstanding water proofing.
  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY t is compatible with all concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.
  • GREAT DURABILITY It is made of durable ABS with high quality PC transparent lid. Also, its heat sink design effectively enhances long LED Life.
  • CONVENIENCE Easy install and replacement. Latest wiring method allows easy and reliable wiring for replacement.
  • THE WIDEST ANGLE OF ILLUMINATION The combination of high power LED Bulbs and unique 360 degree LED Ring accomplishs the widest angle of illumination in the market.