Tips on how to succeed in water refilling business


As a new comer, water refilling business can be quite challenging. We understand the hassle of opening a new business and even more on operating it. That's why, we will be making a series of blog posts to help you guys understand the water refilling business and make better decisions.


1. Know your system’s limit of water production

Each water refilling system has a limit to its water production. This can easily be determined by how many membranes your system has. If it has one membrane, then the production is likely to be anywhere between 1.4 to 1.8 gallons per minute. That means it will take approximately 4 minutes to produce one 5gallon container worth of water. So in 1 hour, that would translate to roughly 15 containers per hour. To simplify things, it basically means that it will take you 10 hours to sell 150 containers per day. So try to make sure that if you work for 10 hours, you at least sell 150 container a day. Try not to go beyond that number drastically because that will hurt your chances of being successful. You might ask how? And that brings me to my next point:


2. Do not spread yourself too thin

what that means is you should not oversell. Your system has a limit and you should try to maintain it. So for a single membrane system, stay around 150-170 container mark  for 10 hours operation per day until you’re ready to expand. Get extra storage tanks to make use of night hours for production. The more water you have at any given point in time, the more money you make. Also, you will be known as a reliable water refilling supplier who has water all the times. That will also help build trust with your clients.


3. Maintain the quality of your drinking water

This goes without saying. You must have good quality water at all times. Install an inline Total Dissolved Solids or TDS monitor to know the purity of the product water. Or buy a hand held TDS meter to know the quality of your water. Also, make a schedule as to when to change your carbon and sediment cartridge filters. In short, maintain your system and the quality will take care of itself. Just like you would maintain a car, call your service provider to make sure your system is running in optimum condition. Do not do it yourself. Let your service provider help you.

At Einfach Industrial Supplies and Water Engineering Services, we strive for great quality. We make sure our customer’s systems are running in prime condition, every single hour.

We will bring more useful information in upcoming posts. Stay tuned.