How much profit does a water refilling station make?

At the moment, water refilling station is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Philippines. Because it is an essential need of the people, Water Refilling Station business can operate even during quarantine and is so necessary during typhoons and other emergencies. A good water refilling station is compulsory for the community.

Now let’s discuss how much money does a water refilling station make.

So when we’re doing a feasibility study with our clients, we ask them these questions:

1. What is the selling price of a 20gallon container in your location? 

These answers always vary. So let’s say you’re from Bohol and the selling price in your area is 25 pesos. So if you sell 100 containers per day, you have a gross income of 2500 pesos.

2. What is the source of your water?

The usual answers are Water District or Deep Well. Both of them affect the cost of production. If you use water district, or local water supplier, and the cost of water per 1000L is around 50-55 pesos (commercial rate), Based on that, the cost of production for water is P8-11 pesos for every 100 containers, depending on the water refilling system you choose. (More on the systems later). Our cost of production includes every expense from rental, driver, and refiller. You can request for a feasibility study by emailing us at the email address provided in the description below.

So if the cost of produced water is 10 pesos and you sell for 25 pesos, you make 15 pesos per container. 15 pesos x 100 is 1500 pesos per day. 1500 x 30 days is equal to 45,000 pesos net income per month.

If your water source is deep well, the cost of production goes down to 5 to 7 pesos. So if we go with 7 pesos, you now have a net income of 18 pesos per container. 18 pesos x 100 containers is equal to 1,800 pesos per day. 30 days and you have a net profit of 54,000 pesos per month.

Other factors which directly affect your market are:

1. Population

The number of people living near your water refilling area affect your sales. Are you in a crowded city, or in a secluded Barangay with a population of only 300-400 people. The number of people in your area directly affect the foot traffic to your store. If you have a delivery vehicle, then you can bring in sales from other areas too.

2. Competitors

Are you the only water refilling station in your area? If not, then you’ll have to divide the market amongst yourselves. You see, at Einfach, we teach our clients how to beat the competitors with sound practices. We help our clients make money, while providing exceptional service so that competitors don’t take the sales away.

3. Drinking Water Options

So if you have alkaline water, mineral water and premium purified water, you can charge different prices for each kind of water option. Alkaline water sells more expensive while mineral water can be offered as a cheaper alternative. This way, you can easily make 10-20 pesos more per bottle. You can also charge extra for services like delivery or have monthly packages so that the client knows how much he/she will pay each month or week. All of this add to the total profit you eventually make.

4. Production Capacity

You see, you can only sell what your system can produce. The bigger system, the more sales you make and the more money you make. production capability.  At Einfach industrial Supplies, we produce three kinds of systems:

  • Single Membrane
  • Double Membrane
  • Triple Membrane

Single Membrane produces 15 containers per hour. So if you want to sell 100 containers in a day, your system will take 6-7 hours to produce the desired water. Kindly note that the end product our system produces is called purified water.

Double Membrane produces 30 containers per hour. So this system takes half the amount of time which is 3-4 hours. Added benefit of Double membrane system is that the electrical and water consumption is lower than the single because you produce the same amount of water that single membrane produces but in half the time.

Triple Membrane produces 42-45 containers per hour. So if you’re planning to sell 300 containers per day, this system only needs 7 hours to do that. And if you’re earning 15 pesos per bottle, you easily make 4,500 pesos per day. That translates to 135,000 pesos per month. And the fact is, we have seen our clients hit this number time and time again. This is not a dream. This is a reality.

But the most important thing to understand is this: with water refilling station business, you only need to market really hard in the initial phase, which is the first two months. After that, all you need to focus is on customer service and support and you will see your business boom in no time.

I hope this article will help you better understand the water refilling business. If you have additional questions, you can message us directly on facebook. Click here..